Private tour for 18 days and 17 nights





The Gerak Jalan tour is an adventure where you will discover two islands, Java and Bali which are different for their culture and landscapes but do also have many things in common.
This original tour was created to propose a crescendo program where you have the freedom to meet others, decide what you want to do all while helping you better understand the history and culture of the Balinese people. It is remarkable to see how the Balinese have kept their culture’s true identity throughout all this time.


Circuit privatif




Amanaska representative - a driver

Finally, you arrive to the Bali airport in Denpasar (25$ for Visa upon arrival or obtain a visa at the Indonesian Embassy before leaving). After having recuperated your luggage, a French speaking member of our team will be waiting for you at the exit of the airport, holding up a sign with your name on it. You will then depart for Sanur.
Located in the south of Bali, Sanur was the first seaside resort that, contrarily to Kuta, knew how to benefit from its charm. It became a hospitable and family oriented location. Through time, the Balinese people transformed this location into a beautiful, tidy beach with a road on the side of the ocean. This road has over 5 km of length where you often see people swimming, depending on the tides. There are souvenir shops, modern stores and classy restaurants in typical Balinese “warungs”.
Your hotel: We will be bringing you to a hotel that has maintained its authenticity and is close to stores where you can purchase necessities. The typically decorated rooms have air conditioning and are located beside the pool, restaurant and marvelous garden. At night, you will be able to discover the Sanur “Night Market” (closes at 21h00) or you can visit the local eateries that serve specialties such as the nasi goreng, the gado-gado and Ayam (chicken) brochettes.

Night in Sanur

DAY 2: SANUR : Day of rest

Without driver or Amanaska tour guide

There is nothing better than a day of rest in Sanur to recuperate from your tiring travels and jet lag. There are several things to do in Sanur such as visiting one of the massage salons, boutiques or you can go eat in one of the many restaurants that are either international or Indonesian. This day can also be your opportunity to stroll along the promenade next to the beach, relax in the hot waters of the Indonesian ocean or take some time to get your base tan. Be careful however! We are in the tropics and the sun is extremely strong.

Night in Sanur

DAY 3 SANUR - UBUD: Pasar Badung, Goa Gajah, Tegal Lalang

With tour guide - With driver

It is 9h00am, you will leave your hotel with your driver and head over to our office where your Amanaska representative will be waiting for you. At this moment we will inform you on the details of your tour, answer your questions and sort out the remaining administrative details. Then, off you go with your tour guide and driver, travelling towards the Munduk village, located in the great lakes’ region. On your way there you will stop at the Pasar Badung of Denspasar which is the largest market on the island. There is a unique ambiance where you can find exotic fruit that your tour guide will suggest you try. There is a sent in the air that cannot be found elsewhere. This place will give you a taste of how Balinese people live daily.

After breakfast we will make our way to Tegal Lalang to walk through the most beautiful rice fields on the island. Man has been cultivating from this valley for over a thousand years, taking advantage of every square inch and completely transforming the landscape. The beautiful panoramic views are to die for!

Your hotel: Ubud has many hotels making it quite the dilemma to decide where you should stay. Choices vary between a tiny room in the heart of downtown where you can experience the city’s night life or choose a hotel that is more eccentric with big rooms and a view that overlooks the rice fields. We have chosen a hotel that combines both. The rooms are pleasant, there is a nice pool and the hotel is located at a reasonable walking distance from the downtown area.

 Night in Ubud

DAY 4: UBUD: Day of rest, option of taking a VTT ride or going rafting

Without driver or Amanaska tour guide

If your first impression of Ubud is that of a village with many galleries and stores to shop in, you should take more time to see everything else this wonderful place has to offer. There are several hidden temples, such as the Pura Saraswati, that are located just past the village’s shops. There are deserted rice fields that reflect the true feeling of harmony. All this is found only a couple meters away from the art market where hundreds of tourists visit daily.
If you don’t feel the need to shop or go get a massage, why not take a VTT ride or go on a rafting adventure (both are optional)? The VTT ride gives you a chance to see the many rice fields and small remote villages where you can meet the area’s locals. The Ayung River offers a calm ride for rafting. The river runs through the north of Ubud and into its forest where there are delightful sceneries that will live in your memory forever. Or you can chose to go rafting down the Telaga Waja rapids. You witness the wildness of nature, go down a few rapids and a drop of 3m. It is sure to be a fun adventure for those who love a thrill.

Night in Ubud

DAY 5 UBUD - AMED: Goa Lawah cave, Tenganan village, Tirta Ganga water sources

With tour guide - With driver

This day is the perfect occasion for you to head out on to the east road to visit the small fishermen village of Amed.

There are several animals revered by the Indonesians such as monkeys, birds and bats. We will go visit the Goa Lawah, the bats’ cave. They hide out by the thousands in this cave that is right by the mountainside. The Goa Lawah is one of nine directional temples of Bali that protects Bali from evil spirits.
Then you will visit the traditional village of Tenganan which is one of the most ancient villages on the island. It is inhabited by the descendants of the first Balinese people, the Bali Aga. You will visit a workshop manufacturing itak, the country’s traditional tissue. Life here is much regulated in order to preserve the essence of tradition. Even though the location is somewhat touristic, it gives people the opportunity to learn about the ancient villages’ ways and customs. Here: you will find the answer to all your questions about the Balinese culture.
Finally you will also discover the Tirta Gangga that signifies the “holy water of Gange” in Balinese. This architectural ensemble, built in 1948 by the Raja of Karan, curiously associates the Balinese and Chinese signs. The water garden, which has a total surface of 1,2 hectares, has 3 different zones. The first is situated on the lower ground, has two basins and a water castle. The second level has pools where you are able to swim. The royal residencies, on the upper level, look over the entire estate.
Your hotel: The hotel we have recommended has a plesant structure and is located by the ocean on a black sanded beach. In a calm area, this hotel will give you a chance to relax and visit the majestic underwater world that Amed is known for. In fact, you will be able to travel directly from the beach to your hotel. This way you will have a sufficient amount of time to practice your snorkling or fishing with the local fishermen on traditional boats they cal “prahu”. Also, you will be able to benefit from the hotel’s excellent restaurant which is recommended by tourist guides.

Night in Amed

DAY 6 AMED: The Five Bangle Water Sources, Pura Besakih

With tour guide and driver

Today your tour guide will bring you to the Karangasem Palace where you will discover many treasures. The day will commence with a walk through the Bangle valley. The mountains behind the village are home to the Five Sacred Water Sources. These five scattered water sources each have a particular taste, varying from acid to sweet to tasting like green banana or iron...

After eating breakfast we will head out to the mother temple of Bali, Pura Besakih. Build on the slopes of Mount Agung, this temple is the home of Shiva, has an altitude of about 1000m and is the biggest temple in all of Bali. It was founded by a priest named Markandaya in the seventh century. Today, Besakih has 22 sanctuaries and 298 sacred constructions. This place also symbolizes the divine universe and gives a place for the 22 Balinese Wargas (clans) to reuinite in one place. For certain Balinese people, the Besakih place is “Visualization of the idea of spiritual ascent”.

The principal temple, the Pura Penataran Agung temple is dedicated to Shiva and is above the highest terrace where no human residence can be built since “nobody can be born, live or die over Besakih”.

Night in Amed

JOUR 7 transfert

Without tour guide but with driver

Late morning, your driver will come pick you up to take you to Munduk which is located in the heart of the mountainous island.
One your way there, you will cross through Singaraja which is the ancient capital of Bali during the Dutch colonization. The town is home to the only Shinto temple in Bali, vestige of the Chinese community that had come to live during the 17th century while Singaraja was an important place for commerce.

You will then pass by the mysterious and curious temple of Beiji. It has a unique architecture, colored walls and Dutch statues of menwith mustaches playing guitar. The Pura Beiji demonstrates how Bali’s views on sacredness are distinct.
Your hotel: Amanaska’s favorite. This hotel is all bungalows made of tropical wood that truly reflect the spirit of the traditional rice granaries. This hotel is located in a high altitude garden where you will have an incredible view of the Munduk Mountains and region. The air is fresh in this highland area which means there is no need for an air conditioner or a pool. You will likely want to walk and discover the beauty of cloves, small river and cascades around your hotel.

Nuit à Permuteran

DAY 8 & 9 MUNDUK: Lake Tamblingan, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Jatiluwih rice fields, Gitgit waterfalls, cooking class

With tour guide and driver

Small village built at an altitude of 800 meters in the north of Bali, Munduk which signifies “between plain and mountain”, is a typical Balinese village. Built on a serpentine ridge, this village has spectacular views of the region’s mountains and the sunsets are breathtaking.

Arrivée en fin de matinée, il vous reste tout le reste de la journée afin de profitez de votre hôtel ou vous balader dans la région.
Munduk is a place where you can immerse yourself in the rural Bali atmosphere and where you can explore the region made up of waterfalls, rice and various plantations.
Your first day in the lakes begin with a hike through the rainforest that borders the Tamblingan Lake. Here the trees are fully covered with moss and can reach several tens of meters high ... a landscape worthy of the greatest adventurers!
We will then go to the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of the lake, ruler of the waters of Bali who team up with the divinity of Mount Agung to fertilize the island. People say that goddess Danu is a manifestation of the great god Vishnu who is the protector of the universe.
This majestic temple advances directly out into the waters of Lake Bratan and is surrounded by an amazing flowered garden which has a gigantic banyan tree at the very centre. Banyan trees are considered the sacred family tree of the ficus trees. The magic of Bali is to see religions interlace in harmony. This is why we will find, a couple meters away from the temple, a stone stupa decorated with Buddha statues.

To end your day, we propose taking a detour through the Bedugul botanical garden. After visiting the cactus and orchid greenhouses and after having walked through the bamboo forest, your tour guide will drive you to the medical plants garden. Here he will explain the traditional remedies that Balinese people use. You will learn that in Bali, everything is treated with plants!

On the second day, you will begin with an excursion through the Jatiluwih rice fields. It is this sublime landscape that has convinced UNESCO to register the region of Jatiluwih in the UNESCO World Heritage centre. Your tour guide will reveal all the secrets about rice, a plant that plays an important role in Balinese cuisine but also in Balinese religion.

After having breakfast in a typical restaurant, you will head out to the village of Gitgit. You will walk through the clove and cocoa plantations and have the opportunity to take a refreshing shower under a waterfall.

It will then be time to go back to the hotel where you will take a traditional Balinese cuisine cooking class. You are the one preparing your appetizer, meal and desert! Nasi goreng, Ayum betutu or perhaps pisang rai are the classic Balinese dishes that you will now know how to make yourself.

Night Munduk

DAY 10 MUNDUK - JAVA: Banjar Water Sources, Buddhist Monastery, Tomb of Jayapranah

With tour guide and driver

You will be sleeping in Java on this night ! But before arriving there you will head to the north of Bali to visit the sacred Banjar hot springs. The Balinese people have been swimming in thes lightly sulfured waters for generations. They have been known to treat respiratory problems.

The day will continue with a visit to the Brahma Arama Vihara which is the only Buddhist monastery in Bali.
This is an interesting location from a religious, historic and architectural point of view. This monastery has both Buddhist and Hindu symbols. There is, surprisingly, a Brahma statue at the foot of the Buddha statue. Proof of the spirit of acceptance that exists on the island of the Gods.
Before arriving a the Gilimanuk port which is where you will aboard for Java, we will stop by the tomb of Jayapranah. This prince had fallen in love with a lady peasant named Layon Sary. Their impossible love ended with death. Your tour guide will tell you the full story! Today, this place is still popular with young couples who come to see and promise to be faithful to one another.
Your hotel: Ketapand is not a touristic city. The few hotels that are in Ketapang survive off their Javanese clientele. Therefore, prices vary according to different standards. The hotel that we have selected for you is very simple, calm and has all the commodities you need. You can also take advantage of the pool and eat at the hotel (unless you wish to go off and explore the city).

NIght in Ketapang

DAY 11 JAVA: Hike up the Kawa Ijen, transfer to Tosari


Java, a mythical name, synonym for exoticism, is the end of the world where different cultures cohabitate. Over the centuries, adventurers dreamt of finding such a place.

Java is very different from Bali. It is much bigger and is the island that is the most densly populated in the world. It is also the heart of modern Indonesia.

Visiting Java means visiting another side of Indonesia with a new religion (Islam) and far from any touristic locations. You will realize to what extent Bali’s development is exceptional.

Departure will be at around 4:00am to hike up Mount Kawa Ijen (4 hour walk to go up and down 2386m). A hike that is not very difficult but possesses unimaginable views. The crater of this volcano looks like the real tunnel leading to hell. Do not be fooled by the crystal clear waters of the lake which are, in fact, the most acidic lake waters in the world. Sulfur is continuously evaporating from the crater making the air nauseating.

This is where the sulfur workers get to work. They descend into the abyss and come out with blocks of a hundred pounds on their backs. A mammoth task for a few thousand rupees with blocks that ruin their backs, fumes that burn their lungs, eyes and skin. It is obvious that there are no security work conditions in this region.

After a good breakfast and regenerating shower, you will head out for the longest journey of your entire trip. It will take you close to 7h to reach the mountainous heart of Java and the village of Tosari where you will spend the night before hiking up Mount Bromo.

On the way there you will pass through fishermen villages, big Javanese villages and will have a chance to admire the tabacco and sugar cane plantations.

Your hotel: Your hotel for this night is located in the small village of Tosari. It is about 1500m high up in altitude, meaning there is no need for air conditioning! You will spend the night in a hotel that is specially built to welcome tourists that are passing by. The rooms are comfortable and you will be able to take a hot shower.

Night is Tosari

DAY 12 JAVA: Hike up Mount Bromo

With a tour guide and driver

Hiking up Mount Bromo (2 329 m) is relatively easy. You descend into the crater and cross its sea of ashes and its lunar landscapes.
Your wakeup call is 3am in the morning to then hop into a 4x4 at 3h30am, to arrive at the Penajakan volcano at 4h30 am. You will witness the sun rising (beware of the cool temperature). Around 6am we hop back into the 4x4 to head out to the foot of the Bromo volcano.
It will then be time to cross the huge caldera and sea of sand in the Jeep.

By foot, we climb to the Bromo crater where thick white sulfured smoke emerges. It is a unique landscape that is there for you to witness. The caldera and its grey sand dunes continue out into the horizon, showing the succession of peaks that inspire a sens of humility. Master telluric forces prevail here.

The locals have understood the offerings to ensure the benevolence of the gods to avoid daily eruptions ... The afternoon will be an opportunity to rest or take a stroll around it.

Night in Tosari

DAY 13 JAVA: Transfer from Bromo to Jogja

With tour guide and driver

Departure in the early morning and transfer to Malang (3h drive) to embark the Sancaka train, 1st class, across the magnificent rural landscapes. There are mountains, typical villages that have many different temples, volcanic lakes, national parcs and beautiful landscapes of farmland totaling 1 700m altitude.
Arrive in Jogjakarta at the end of the day (around 19h00)

Your hotel: Your hotel is located in the heart of Jogjakarta close to all the main streets. The hotel is very quiet with lovely rooms, which are dispersed around the pool. This will give you the opportunity to rest after the many long days you have all ready spent, and the new adventures that wait.

Night in Jogjakarta

DAY 14 JOGJAKARTA : The artisans of Bandung, Prambanan temple

With tour guide and driver

Departure in the morning to visit the artisans of the Badung village who specialize in wayang kuilt manufacturing. You will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of fabricating these leather puppets, before attending a performance of wayang kulit that same evening. In the afternoon we will visit the Candi Prambanan temple which is classified in the World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Built in the 9th century under the reign of Sanjaya dynasty (an inscription dated from 856 suggests that this is the foundation stone of the temple), the ensemble is formed by the central temple, the Candi Lara Jonggrang that is surrounded by eight shrines and the remains of 224 small temples. Dedicated to the three most important Hindu deities, Shiva the Destroyer, Vishnu the Preserver and Brahma the
Creator, the buildings are decorated with statues depicting the epic Ramayana. The main temple is dedicated to Durga Mahishasuramardini (that is to say "fighting the demon Mahishasura"), wife of Shiva.

Night in Jogjakarta

DAY 15: JOGJAKARTA : Discovering Borobudur, return to Bali

With tour guide and driver
Your early morning will start off with your guide, who will take you to one of the most beautiful Buddhist remains in southeast region of Asia, the Borobudur also known as Bârâbudur. People believe it was built close to the year 800. It consists of six square platforms representing the universe according to Buddhist cosmology, topped by three circular platforms. It is decorated with 2672 panels of reliefs and 504 Buddha statues. It has a main dome, located in the center of the top platform. This top platform is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world and is both a shrine for Buddha and a place for pilgrimage for believers. The Borobudur is also classed in the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

In the afternoon, you will visit the old town on a traditional rickshaw. You will discover the "Pasar Burung" picturesque bird market. In the early evening, we will head out to the international airport of Yogyakarta to fly back to Bali.

Night in Sanur

DAY 16: UBUD - SANUR: Serangan, Jimbaran, Uluwatu and Kecak dance

With tour guide and driver

Around 10am you will leave for a day long excursion, headed south of the island. You will be visiting the Serangan Marine Turtle Protection Centre. Excessive fishing and pollution are the main causes that endanger this species that is at risk of extinction. It is important to encourage the locals who are doing their best to save these fascinating animals. You will then go eat breakfast at Jimbaran beach (discovering local cuisine that definitely involves grilled fish) and discover bukit and the small white sand beaches.

Afterwards we will go visit the Pura Uluwatu, in the Pecatu area which was founded in the 11th century by Mpu Kuturan. He was a Javanese priest who played an important role in the Balinese religion. This famous temple is known for its location, its symbols and a beautiful view that reveals a remarkable sunset!

You will attend a Kecak dance show! It is a traditional dance that descends from Sanghyang. It includes the epic and notorious Ramanaya tale which rightfully represents the Balinese life style. The tale tells the story of the love between Rama and Sita. Without music, the Kecak rythm consists of the men’s shouts and the narration of the storyteller.

DAY 17 SANUR : Day of rest

Without tour guide or driver
One last day of rest in Sanur. This would be the occasion for you to work on your tan, rest on the beach, go do some shopping in Seminyak or exercise with some surfing. Unless you prefer to go scubbadiving and see the underwater life of the mantas!

Night in Sanur

DAY 18 PARIS: Transfer and departure for France

Without driver - airport transfer organized by Amanaska

Transfer to the Bali International Airport. Surely with lots of luggage but many marvelous memories. Please note: international airport taxes are to be paid in cash once you depart from Denspasar (150 000 IDR/per day)

Dates et Prix

Saison Du Au 2 pers. 4 pers. 6 pers. 8 pers. 10 pers. +10 pers. Basse 01/01/2012 31/03/2012 2125 € 1778 € 1680 € 1430 € 1250 € Devis personnalisé Moyenne 01/01/2012 31/03/2012 2325 € 1875 € 1798 € 1565 € 1375 € Devis personnalisé Haute 01/01/2012 31/03/2012 2450 € 2150 € 1920 € 1640 € 1430 € Devis personnalisé Moyenne 01/01/2012 31/03/2012 2375 € 1895 € 1815 € 1590 € 1385 € Devis personnalisé

Condition de paiement : 


Comment réserver son voyage et procéder au règlement ?


1ère étape : Vous nous envoyez la demande de devis avec vos attentes et nous vous répondons dans les 48H00

2ème étape : Vous prenez connaissance du programme, validé ou procédé à des modifications : Un tarif vous est également proposé avec ce qu’il comprend et ce qu’il ne comprend pas.

3ème étape : Nous prenons en compte vos remarques, affinons votre budget, procédons à des changements si vous le souhaitez.

4ème étape : Votre programme est maintenant prêt, vos hôtels sont sélectionnés, il est temps d’effectuer le règlement de l’acompte qui correspondra à 35% du montant total.

A noter : Notre proposition étant du « sur-mesure », votre réactivité nous permettra de transformer la mise en option des hôtels en réservation ferme.

Une fois que vous avez validé votre circuit, il vous suffit de procéder à un virement international de 35% du montant total du circuit sur le compte professionnel de notre compagnie indonésienne à Bali.

Virement en Full Amont :
IBAN / ACCOUNT NO : 5802149923


Conditions et frais d’annulations

Annulation de votre part

Chaque organisation de circuit génère des frais internes à notre compagnie, le paiement des hôtels et les activités par exemple, suivant votre date d'annulation, nous sommes dans l'obligation de vous facturer la somme correspondante aux sommes engagées.

Si vous vous trouvez dans l’obligation d’annuler votre voyage, vous devez en informer, le plus tôt possible AMANASKA par e-mail accompagné d’une lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception. La date de réception, ou de première présentation de la LRAR, sera retenue comme date d’annulation pour la facturation des frais d’annulation énumérés ci-dessous, ceux-ci étant facturés par l’acheteur :

Avant 60 jours : 500 € de frais de dossier
Moins de 60 jours à 30 jours avant la date de départ : 50 % du prix total du circuit ou séjour
De 30 à 21 jours avant la date de départ : 70% du prix total du circuit ou séjour
Moins de 21 jours avant la date de départ : 100% du prix total du circuit ou séjour

En cas d’annulation de votre part d’activités prévues (plongée, rafting, VTT…), il ne sera procédé à aucun remboursement en cas d’annulation survenant à moins de 48h de l’activité. Pour les plongées en option, il ne sera procédé à aucun remboursement en cas d’annulation.

Annulation par AMANASKA

Lorsque nous sommes obligés d’annuler à cause de la météo ou d’un cas de force majeur (comme par exemple une cérémonie), tout ou partie d’une activité, nous ne pouvons rembourser la partie non effectuée si celle-ci a déjà été réglée au partenaire. Systématiquement, nous faisons le maximum pour que vous puissiez réaliser votre programme en vous proposant des alternatives : autre lieu, autre parcours, autre activité, autre date… Si cela ne vous convient pas et qu’aucun frais n’a été engagé, nous vous remboursons le montant intégral de l’activité elle même…

Pour ce qui est des annulations d’ascensions de volcans pour cause de mauvaises conditions ou de fatigue de votre part, Amanaska ne serait être tenu pour responsable, et il ne sera procédé à aucun remboursement. En cas de fermeture des volcans ou bien de renoncement de votre part, votre guide vous emmènera faire une autre balade.


Airlines budget:

We have decided to let you choose the airline company you would like to fly with. We want you to benefit from every promotion possible in order to find the most reasonably priced tickets. You can always visit for possibilities. This also permits you to obtain cancellation insurance with the airline if you pay with certain bank card companies. Depending on the airline company, the season and the price of tickets, economic prices vary from 790 € to 1390 €.

How to reserve your trip and proceed to make your payment?

1st step: You send us the quote with your requirements and we will respond within 48H00
2nd step: You become aware of the program and decide to validate it or make changes.
3rd step: We take into account your feedback, refine your budget and proceed to making the changes you have requested.
4th step: Your program is now ready, your hotels have been selected and it is time to make a payment that is 35% of the total amount you will owe.
Please note: Since this is a “customized” tour, your receptivity will help us confirm everything that needs to be reserved.

Once you have validated your tour, you will proceed to making an international payment which is 35% of the tour’s total cost. The payment will be made to our professional Indonesian company account in Bali.

Details for transfer:

IBAN / ACCOUNT NO: 5802149923

The full amount is paid directly to the company, once you have arrived in Bali. You can pay by bank card (+ 3 to 4% for local taxes) or in cash.

Conditions and cancellation fees

The organization of each tour generates internal costs to our company such as the payments for hotels etc. According to the date of your cancellation, we are obliged to charge you for the transactions that have already been made.

If you are obligated to cancel your trip, you must inform AMANASKA immediately by e-mail with a registered letter that acknowledges your receipt. The date of the receipt or first presentation of the recorded delivery will be considered as the date of cancellation. This applies to the buyer:

Before 60 days: 500 € file fee
Less than 60 to 30 days before date of departure: 50% of the total price for the tour or complete trip
From 30 to 21 days before the date of departure: 70% of the total price for the tour or complete trip
Less than 21 days before the date of departure: 100% of the total price for the tour or complete trip

For your planned activities (scubbadiving, rafting, VTT...), there will be no refund in the case of a cancellation made in less than 48h prior to the activity. For optional dives, there will be no refund for cancellation.

Cancellation by AMANASKA

If it happens that we are obligated to cancel for reasons such as bad weather or a major event (such as a ceremony), we cannot refund any of the fees that have already been paid to our partners. In general, we try our best to find alternatives for your program’s activities by verifying timing, other activities and other dates. If these alternatives do not work out for you and you have not paid anything yet, we will refund you the full amount of the activity itself.

In regards to cancelling activities that involve hiking up any of the volcanos, for reasons such as poor conditions or fatigue, Amanaska will not be held responsible. Therefore, there will be no refund. If the volcanos were to close down or you were to change your mind, your tour guide will take you on another excursion.

Loss or damage of your personal belongings:

Amanaska will not be held responsible for any forgotten or broken items in the hotels, restaurants or during sporting activities. We recommend our clients be very prudent and always verify that nothing has be left behind in the hotels. We encourage you to use the safe in your hotel room at all times.

Formalitites before your departure

An entry visa in Indonesia for French, Swiss and Belgium people is required since February of 2008. The simplest and cheapest option is to get one once you’ve arrived in Indonesia. This visa is valid for 30 days and costs 25 US dollars.

Since 2009, the Indonesian Embassy can process visa demands on its website entitled ONLINE VISA.

Embassy of the republic of Indonesia in Singapore:
No 7 chatsworth road
Singapore 249761
Tel: (65)6737 7422
Fax: (65)6737 5037/6235 5783

Embassy of the republic of Indonesia in UK:
38 Grosvenor Square
London W1K 2HW
Tel. (020) 7499 7661
Fax. (020)7491 4993

Visa and Consular Section
38A Adams Row
London W1K

Embassy of the republic of Indonesia in UK:
2020 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036, USA
Tel 202 775 5200 - Fax 202 775 5365

Warning: include in your luggage a clear photocopy of your passport (the second double page) and another of your airline tickets, to give to our company for "backup" when you arrive on site.

Arrival and Departue (to Bali and from Bali):

Once you have confirmed your trip, we ask you provide a copy of your ticket, which indicates the name of your airline company and your flight schedule etc. This way we can organize your transfer to properly fit your itinerary. A tour guide and/or driver will be waiting for you at the exit of the airport. The exit is just past the area where you will claim your luggage, then pass the change bureau at the end of the hall (wait to change your money in bureaus outside the airport). The person responsible for your pick-up will be holding up a sign with your name on it.

About you trip :

Amanaska offers private tours accompanied by a French or English tour guide. We would like to warn you that your driver may not speak fluent English or properly understand what you are saying, depending on your level of English. You will, however, have the option of contacting an Amanaska representative if you need to explain something important to the driver. For anything else, your two Indonesian words, the driver’s five English words and his kind smile will be enough for you to get to where you’re going.

Insurances are not included in the tour. Therefore, we recommend you benefit from your bank card’s advantages and/or register for specific insurances with our reliable partners:

Personal pharmacy
There is no mandatory vaccination required on arrival, except for travelers coming from countries where yellow fever exists. In this case, it must be done no later than 15 days before departure. But we advise you to be up to date with all your vaccinations. A visit to your doctor will allow you to make a small first aid kit that can be useful in remote villages, but you are not thousands of miles from anywhere and there are enough pharmacies in the cities.

Accommodation conditions:

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not offer homestay accommodation to ensure that the circuit retains its meaning and not to invade a world and a culture already fragile. It is important to note that we choose the hotels carefully so you don’t end up in a dirty room. The goal of our circuit is not a backpacker’s trip (which is by no means disparaging). A little comfort, beautiful and fun sites, air-conditioning (if possible), the authenticity of a pleasant, relaxing and friendly stay!

Transfers between islands :

Transport on the island of Bali and to get to scubbadiving activities is organized by Amanaska. Transfers to Java, Nusa Lembongan, Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Flores, Komodo and Rinca are organized by navigation companies or local airlines. Amanaska shares all the information that is provided in relation to timing, time of departure and time of arrival. It can happen that the boat or plane leaves later than planned or that the boat or plane ride takes more time then announced for reasons such as bad weather. Depending on the weather conditions, the arrival location could change. We will be present to inform you on the changes but we will not be held responsible for these modifications. We ask that you respect the company’s regulations that assure that your transfer will definitely take place.

Activities :

If Amanaska / Atlantis International is responsible for your scubbadiving adventures or other activities such as rafting, VTT rides, Elephant parc, that involve external service providers, you can be assured that these service companies have been selected carefully. We have been working with them for years and we have chosen them for their professional and quality services. Amanska will not be held responsible for problems that occur during the activities. However, we do invite you to give us your feedback.

Based on the activities and the planned itinerary, you will likely be leaving your hotel at 9h00am and returning at 6h00pm. There will be a shuttle that will transport you from the activity’s location to your hotel. There should, generally, be a meal provided for you throughout the day. These activities are, mainly, managed by English-speaking instructors. Activities are done in groups with clients from outside the Amanaska organization. We also would like to assure you that our service providers have contracted special insurances for your activities.

The scubbadiving activities that have been planned in your program will be managed by Atlantis International PADI 5 star, Amanaska’s precious jem for scubbadiving and also the first francophone diving centre in Bali for over 16 years. Be aware that the scubbadiving sites indicated on your program are for informational purposes only. During your first dive, your instructor will verify your ease with being under water and will adjust the diving sites that will be most secure for you. He will also take into account the weather conditions andyour demands (pictures of the dive, drifts, macro amateur etc.) Scubbadiving days have two dives per day.
You leave your hotel at 9h00am and return around 17h. This service includes insurance, the bottles, the two dives, transport to and from your hotel, a certified monitor managing the activity (that could potentially be francophone) and a lunch. If you wish to rent all of the equipment, regulator, mask, fins, weight belt and vest, it is all available at the cost of 11 € per day.

Level and diving infos:

* Level 1 or equivalent, minimum of 10 dives. Registered in the logbook.
* Diploma and logbook to verify the levels or number of dives
* 121 aluminium bottles with Stirrup
* Recommended parachute (Dives in the current).
* Diving shoes are recommended for Tulamben pebble beach


Amanaska proposes you hike up certain volcanos such as Mount Batur (in Bali), Rinjani (in Lombok), Kawa Ijen and Bromo (in Java). Altough these hikes do not require an Olympic level of physical strength, these activities are still extreme and require you be equipped (sweater, windbreaker, closed shoes and scarf to protect yourself from the fumes for the Kawa Ijen). These hikes require your close attention. There will be no helicopter to come pick you up at the top of the volcano.

If you twist or sprain your ankle! The Amanska tour guides are all professionally trained in first aid and are equipped with a first aid kit. You must be very careful and hike up at your own rhythm
The volcanos where we take you climbing are all active. In the case of bad weather (too much wind to follow the path to the peek) or important volcanic activity, the hike up the volcano will be prohibited (in order to avoid the “satay bule” which are packs of tourists as our Indonesian friends would say.)

The Batur volcanos (1700m), Bromo (2329m) and Kawa Ijen (2386m) are accessible for children over 8 years old. Predict 2h to climb up the Bromo and the Batu (then walk around the crater for 3h), 2h as well for the Kawa Ijen (it is also possible to visit the crater but is not recommended for children.)

Balade and trekking

We differentiate a walk from a trek by the number of hours and the difficulty of the exercise. This remains subjective and each person should be able to evaluate their own sportive potential to know if he can complete the walk or trek.

Levels of Walks and Trekking:

Java: Inbetween walking and trekking - about a 2 hour walk - mostly hiking
Bali: Mainly walks - about 2 hours long - rice fields, jungle, hiking, villages
Lombok : Inbetween walking and trekking - lasts about 3 to 5 hours - jungle, hiking
Komodo et Rinca : Inbetween walking and trekking - about a 2 hours long- jungle, hiking
Flores : Mostly trekking - lasts 2 to 8 hours - rice fields, villages, jungle, hiking